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fire rated glass doors-Qi'an

The First new type of Fire Rated Glass factory adopted"nano-silicon"material in Guangdong Province. The"nano-silicon"fire-retardant rubber,is a new type of hard inorganic transparent fire-retardant rubber,which has the advantages of high strength,high adhesion,high transparency,good stability,strong weather resistance,good fire resistance,etc.With the hollow,LOW-E hollow,tempered,laminated plastic,bullet-proof,art and other functional glass combined into a variety of functions of the fire glass.

1.Hard and high transparency.

2.The performance is stable,long-lasting,and the warranty is five years or even ten years.

3.Green,food-grade raw materials for fire protection.

4.Fireproof performance includes EW/EI series and A type fireproof series. 5.Break through the technical bottleneck of the industry and can be used for external fireproof walls.

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